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Roohani Guardian Unbound (Khodam) Spiritual Companion

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Roohani Guardian Unbound (Khodam) Spiritual Companion

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Guardian (Khodam) Spiritual Companions are ancient beings that remain unbound and permanent in their loyalty towards those they have been entrusted to assist. Unlike other spiritual companions, the Khodam possess a deep sense of innate wisdom that transcends time and space. Their assistance is not limited by physical constraints, allowing them to offer assistance and support beyond the limitations of the human experience.


One unique aspect of Guardian (Khodam) Spiritual Companions is their ability to adapt to the changing needs of their human counterpart. As we evolve and grow, so does our connection with our Khodam. This intricate dance between guardian and human creates a synergistic bond that enables us to navigate life’s challenges with more grace and clarity.


Ultimately, welcoming a Guardian (Khodam) Spiritual Companion into your life is an invitation to align yourself with powerful forces beyond the mundane realm. By honoring this sacred partnership, we open ourselves up to profound transformations and boundless possibilities as we journey through this earthly existence hand in hand with our eternal guide.


The allure of seeking assistance from mystical beings such as Djinns and Khodams is a quest as old as time itself. However, delving into this realm requires a deep understanding of the risks involved. The market for buying these entities is rife with scams and deceit, making it crucial for individuals to exercise extreme caution before making any purchases. Additionally, the power dynamics between bound and unbound entities add another layer of complexity to this enigmatic world.


While bound entities may seem appealing due to their tangible connection to objects, they often lack the raw power and potential that unbound entities possess. It takes a skilled practitioner with expertise in handling these elusive beings to tap into their true strength. As the desire for assistance from spiritual beings continues to spark curiosity in many souls, it remains essential for seekers to tread carefully through this intricate web of mystery and deception surrounding Djinns and Khodams.


In conclusion, the realm of mystical beings offers both enchantment and danger in equal measure. Understanding the complexities involved in engaging with Djinns and Khodams is paramount for those who seek their assistance. As seekers navigate through this captivating yet treacherous terrain, they must remain vigilant against scams while also recognizing the distinctive power dynamics at play between bound and unbound entities – a delicate balance that only seasoned practitioners can navigate with finesse.


The service I present to you today is to provide one with a permanent unbound Khodam Spiritual Companion (Insha’Allah) which will be far more powerful than any bound entity (entities bound to rings, amulets, and stones, etc).


When seeking spiritual assistance, the idea of a permanent unbound Khodam Spiritual Companion is truly intriguing. Unlike entities bound to objects like rings or amulets, these companions offer a level of power and connection that transcends physical limitations. By forming a direct bond with an unbound Khodam, one can access profound assistance and support on a soul level.


This unique service presents an opportunity to cultivate a deep, lasting partnership with a spiritual being that resonates with our energy and intentions. With this unbound Khodam companion by our side, we can tap into higher realms of consciousness and manifestation. Embracing such a relationship opens up new pathways for growth, healing, and transformation on both personal and spiritual levels.


One of the remarkable conveniences of having an unbound Khodam Companion is the absence of any maintenance rituals typically associated with other spirit entities. Unlike traditional bound companions that may require regular offerings, cleansing, or bonding processes, an unbound Khodam operates independently without needing constant attention from its keeper. This means you can enjoy the benefits and assistance of your Khodam without the added responsibilities or constraints often linked to other spiritual entities. Insha’Allah, this freedom from maintenance tasks allows for a more straightforward and seamless experience in working with your Khodam companion.


Furthermore, the liberation from mundane chores like oiling vessels or burning incense offers a more streamlined approach to harnessing the power and assistance of your Khodam companion. With these distractions eliminated, individuals can fully focus on building a strong spiritual connection with their unbound Khodam, potentially leading to quicker manifestation of desired outcomes. By simplifying the process and removing unnecessary steps often associated with spiritual practices, individuals can navigate their journey with their Khodam more efficiently and effectively towards achieving their goals. Insha’Allah, this direct pathway enables a deeper engagement with one’s spiritual essence while reaping the benefits of having an unbound Khodam by your side.


The unbound Khodam Companion we will give to you will be so powerful that individuals around you who are sensitive to energies as well as legitimate spiritual practitioners will be able to sense something unique and powerful around you, confusing them because unbound Khodam are usually held by certain practitioners.


The unbound Khodam Companion offered to you is a rare and potent gift that holds immense power and energy. Those attuned to spiritual energies will feel its presence around you, sparking curiosity and awe. Unlike bound entities, which are typically held by specific practitioners, the unbound nature of this companion signifies its unrestricted potential to bring forth changes in your life Insha’Allah.


When delving into the realm of seeking assistance from spiritual beings like Khodam or Djinn, it’s crucial to draw a clear line between what is permissible and what ventures into forbidden territories. While these entities can offer support in various aspects of life, they are not omnipotent beings capable of controlling the fundamental forces of nature or altering predetermined outcomes. Seeking their help in matters beyond their jurisdiction and infringes upon divine laws set by Allah.


The allure of tapping into supernatural powers for personal gain is undeniable, but it’s essential to remember that seeking intervention from unseen entities should be grounded in ethical and moral considerations. By recognizing the limits of what these spiritual beings can influence and aligning our desires with what is just and righteous, we can foster a harmonious relationship with both earthly and metaphysical realms.


When seeking assistance from spiritual beings like Khodam or Djinn, understanding their power limitations is essential. These entities can offer help in specific areas, with each Khodam companion specializing in just one domain. This specialization allows for a deep and focused level of support, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in addressing particular needs. By recognizing the unique abilities of these spiritual beings, individuals can approach them with clarity and intention, maximizing the benefits of their assistance while respecting their boundaries.

It’s crucial to approach interactions with Khodam or Djinn with humility and respect, acknowledging that they are powerful entities with their own strengths and limitations. Understanding that each entity has its area of expertise can help individuals make more informed requests for assistance. By working within these frameworks, individuals can build strong relationships with spiritual beings and harness their unique energies for assistance and support in specific aspects of life.


By recognizing the specialized nature of Khodam companionship – where each being assists in one area only – seekers can cultivate a deeper appreciation for the intricacies of spiritual assistance. This depth allows for a more profound connection to develop between humans and these powerful entities, fostering mutual understanding and cooperation. Embracing this nuanced approach to seeking assistance from spiritual beings opens up new possibilities for personal growth and transformation through targeted support tailored to individual needs and circumstances.


ONE KHODAM COMPANION WILL ASSIST IN ONE AREA ONLY please do not make the purchase we have to see if you are eligible for this service, please contact us first


We require 41 days to perform the ritual for the Unbound Khodam, Insha’Allah.


Due to the limited number of how many Khodam we can provide yearly which is 3-4 it is our final decision as to who gets such Khodam from us and who does not.



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1 review for Roohani Guardian Unbound (Khodam) Spiritual Companion

  1. Usman Ali

    Salam Alaikum Brothers and Sisters,

    I have been researching on and off for many years about Different entities specially Khodam Recently I have come across Roohani online spiritual help I would like to write a review about Khodam That I have received from Roohani online spiritual help And thank him for his great work Website after many months of emailing The Shaikh And asking many many questions From the research that I have done over the years.

    I was very satisfied with the answers that I received I could see from the response The Shaikh Gave He was very knowledgeable On this
    subject And he is very knowledgeable about Islam Because I have asked him many questions regarding Islam And Tasawwuf He was able to answer them very easy that shows me He is not like other conjurers that Our just lost in Conjuring And have forgotten the purpose of life that is worshipping Allah.

    Because my main concern was I wanted someone to conjure me and Khodam That was a fully practising and knowledgeable pious person What also had knowledge about the Islamic rulings Not just about conjuring entities.

    Most of the questions that I asked him were regarding Tasawwuf as I am a student of Tasawwuf and not any Dick, Dom Harry can answer Tasawwuf Questions without experiencing That proved me he had quite a lot of experience in spirituality Moving forward regarding Khodam What Shaikh Conjured for me.

    I’m really happy and very satisfied With the results and outcome
    during the whole procedure I was updated on a regular basis on what was happening and whenever I emailed the Shaikh I receive a response within a couple of hours Once I received my Khodam Within this second week I started to feel the presence of my Khodam

    In the second week Once I finished my zikr/meditating I went to the kitchen to get a glass of water I heard the Khodam Say my name out loud I was quite surprised as it was only the second week and I was experiencing all this alhamdulillah

    I am looking forward for the weeks to come of every day my bond with the Khodam Is getting stronger alhamdulillah But one must remember this is not the goal of life is just the means of experiencing Allah creation the goal of life should be loving Allah and his beloved It is understood by Tasawwuf that the strange and enchanting experiences are the scenery of the journey, not the goal. The goal is to reach his Divine Presence by the attraction of the Beloved Himself For one must not get lost in the unseen world what Allah has created the goal should be The beautiful thing is the more my bond gets stronger with the Khodam The more the Khodam Is helping me To get closer to Allah and his beloved I hope everyone benefited from this review.

    Usman Ali

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