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March 25, 2022
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Roohani Eaten Black Magic Treatment


One of the Methods which is also deemed one of the deadliest to harm Others with black Magic is consuming black Magic This Roohani Eaten Black Magic Treatment is specially developed for treating black Magic that has been consumed inshallah.


Roohani Eaten Black Magic Treatment


Black Magic is used in various different Methods to hurt Others. One of the Methods which is also deemed one of the most deadliest to harm Others with black magic is by having The Person eat/drink it This type of Black magic is very popular in the Middle East and Very Common. This is usually done by having a black magic ritual performed on Different types of foods (very often sweets) or including Additional Black magic talismans/potions combined in Different types of food or drinks that would then be fed to the Person.


Eaten black magic can give you Many similar side effects as any other kind of black magic but the harmful effects are Always more Extreme. Consumed black magic has a very harmful effect on one’s health and causes a numeral of medical problems such as.

  • Fast weight loss
  • Loss in appetite
  • Sudden new body pain
  • Nightmares

These are just a few of the issues one can go through if The individual Has become a target of such Dangers forms of Black magic.

Unlike different types of Black Magic that do not Have the Individual consuming the black magic will only affect the area/s the black magic was intended for For instance beauty, destructions of marriage, luck, Et cetera. But when eaten black magic is utilised to destroy a person’s beauty, marriage and whatever area/s the Black Magic petitioner chooses, they will Certainly suffer some form or some kind of Medical health issue as well, Where even physicians will not be able to figure out what the problem is. where black magic is cast Using a talisman to Destroy one marriage will only Destroy that person’s marriage and not their health unless additional Pacific Black Magic work is done to bring harm to their health.


This Treatment will Include 3 talismans, one Quran Talisman that is worn, and two Quran talismans that will be drunk one talisman at a time inshallah During the treatment. One drinking talisman lasting 31 days Insha’Allah.

The treatment will last 90 days Insha’Allah The individual will also be given Pacific reading to do at the start of the treatment the individual will do it for 41 days Insha’Allah.


This Roohani Eaten Black Magic Treatment is specially developed for treating black Magic that has been consumed it targets the consumed black magic with full force so the individual may feel Really bad for the first 7 days of the Roohani Eaten Black Magic Treatment it is also designed so you do not get this type of black Magic again as the talisman that is worn will inshallah protected from any Black my attacks Including eaten black magic.

Due to the amount of time and effort, it takes to make these Quran Treatment talismans And the spiritual Work involved We can only do this treatment for two individuals at a time The talismans will take around 21 days to prepare inshallah.

The Quran talisman that is worn The below rule must be followed If you are a Non-Muslim or Muslim.


  • The Talisman is not allowed to go into the bathroom
  • for ladies on their monthly cycle not allowed to touch it also cannot be worn during the monthly cycle if you are female
  • Cannot be worn during sexual intercourse or drinking alcohol eating pork.
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