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December 24, 2021
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March 14, 2022
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Rohani ilaj Online For Medical Conditions


Rohani ilaj Online For Medical Conditions use the Divine Power of the Holy Quran for Healing.


The service can be used for wide-ranging medical conditions please contact us before purchasing so we can discuss in detail your medical condition to see what is         the best Rohani approach inshallah.

As part of the Rohani treatment, the individual will be given a Reading to do part of the treatment that needs to be done every day.

If the individual is unable to do the reading because of his medical condition not just being lazy Allah helps the ones that help themselves. someone will have to do it on their behalf we will need the individual name that will be doing the reading.

the treatment will also include a Quran talisman which usually takes around 14 days to prepare sometimes longer depending on the medical condition how severe the medical condition is my teacher from the US will be preparing it inshallah.

this service is designed for people that have got medical conditions that doctors are unable to help with so they wish to try Islamic Rohani ilaj approach inshallah.



What information we will need of the individual that needs this service.

his full name his mother’s full name and his picture.

description of the medical condition.

how long the individual has had the medical problem.

What Rohani ilaj has he tried already if he has tried any.

We will contact the individual after purchase for the above information by email inshallah.


Rules regarding the Quran talisman for the Rohani ilaj.

  • The Quran Talisman in is not allowed to go in the bathroom
  • for ladies on their monthly cycle not allowed to touch it also cannot be worn during the monthly cycle if you are female
  • Cannot be worn during sexual intercourse or drinking alcohol eating pork


As with all our spiritual work and spiritual item.
We just try to help inshallah Allah help the ones that help themselves. It is up to Allah if the Rohani ilaj, Quran talisman, etc are allowed to work or not. We do not give false hope or false promises Alhamdulillah.



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