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Remote Spiritual Diagnosis: Know Your Spiritual Level and Status


Remote Spiritual aura, Spiritual status, third eye/Khafi, In-Depth Diagnostic



I have been talking about spiritual checking on countless occasions. A great number of dedicated posts can also be found on my blog covering this subject in detail. However, the type of spiritual diagnosis I have been talking about is usually a part of some spiritual services I provide. As such I don’t charge for this process separately. This is so because without performing a spiritual analysis, it’s not possible to recommend any spiritual method, let alone execute it. It’s like any other problem we encounter in our daily lives. Every problem (be it mental, physical, or health-related) begins with sound analysis. You understand the problem, try to analyze its causes, and make sense of the entire situation that leads to a specific problem. Only then will you ever be able to come up with a solution that would address the root cause. The same is true in the spiritual realm. No spiritual practitioner (who knows his job) can willy nilly give you recommendations without understanding the situation. And this understanding comes from a spiritual diagnosis — a process every spiritual healer should be well familiar with. 


So the idea of spiritual diagnosis is something I breathe every day. Every spiritual process begins with it and there are no spiritual healing methods that can factor the diagnosis part out of the equation. It’s because of this reason that spiritual diagnosis happens to be the strongest skill of any experienced amil. I, for one, am no exception. 


Now the remote spiritual diagnosis I’m talking about is different — not in substance so much but in its scale and scope. The kinds of spiritual factors covered in this diagnosis are way too many and the level of the diagnosis itself is very in-depth. Essentially, it’s not aimed at finding the cause of a specific problem but to discover your overall spiritual level, your aura, your chakras, your third-eye potential, and all the rest of the latent quality you may acquire spiritually. It’ll tell where you stand in the spiritual world and what areas you can work to make the most of your own spirituality and spiritual situation. Once you get to know about your overall situation, the rest will follow. You’ll understand what it is you need to protect yourself from, which spiritual qualities of yours you need to focus on the most, how strong your third-eye and spiritual aura is, what potential dangers are lurking out there that you never knew about, so on and so forth. 


To make a very short and precise list of what the spiritual diagnosis service will include, it will help you find out: 

  • Your spiritual status/level
  • If your Third-eye/Khafi is open (if it is, then how much)
  • The best spiritual/training fields to consider for rohaniat
  • The things to avoid in your spiritual journey that may cause potential failures
  • Authentic information on your spiritual aura
  • And any other important aspects of your spirituality that you must be informed about


This service is going to take about 14 days (it may even take longer depending on the individual’s spiritual situation and complexity). To start the process, I will need your full name and your mother’s full name along with your picture. After I have started the process, I may need some more specific information to cover different areas. But those specific questions can only be shared once you decided to move forward with the spiritual diagnosis services, InshAllah. 

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