Remote Spiritual/Roohaniyat Status/Level In-Depth Diagnostic


Remote Spiritual aura,Spiritual status, third eye/Khafi , In-Depth Diagnostic



Assalamualaikum peace and blessings to all BismillaharRahman, ar-Rahim” In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

I have recently receiving lot of people emails wish to know their spiritual status/level and regarding their third eye/Khafi  if it is open and how much and regarding their spiritual aura so inshallah I have decided to offer this service alhamdulillah

The Service will include inshallah 

  • Spiritual status/level
  • if third eye/Khafi is open and how much
  • best Roohaniyat/spiritual/training  field to go into
  • which things to avoid what can cause the individual to be unsuccessful in his spiritual journey
  • information on spiritual aura
  • and anything else that individual needs to be informed regarding spiritually


The service can take up to 14 days sometimes longer depending on the individual I will need the person’s full name mother’s full name and the individuals picture  that is purchasing this service  inshallah 

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