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General Health Drinkable Taweez
September 10, 2018
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September 10, 2018
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Pre-amilyat/Rituals (Drinkable) Taweez


Protects you from negative energy and the adverse effects of Amalyat and Rituals.

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It’s said that precaution is better than cure. The particular pre-amalat and pre-ritual talisman I’m offering are precautionary in nature. It’s going to protect you from all kinds of bad influences, negative energy, or events that may occur due to mistakes done in the process of performing spiritual amalyat and rituals. 


Most spiritual practitioners wouldn’t know or wouldn’t induce you to take measures against pre-amliyat/ritual threats. These are spiritual threats and are very likely to occur if the nature of a spiritual is severe. One thing is clear though that when you are ready to perform amalyat to get rid of a specific spiritual problem, the forces that are responsible to cause it won’t just let it happen. They will interfere, resit, and do everything at their disposal to keep you from starting the process of amalyat in the first place. This is the reason why experienced amils always recommend supplementing any spiritual healing process with pre and post amliyat practices. This will ensure the person performing the core amalyat is protected from any kind of metaphysical influences or demonic attacks. 


What’s more, the powerful pre-amliyat/ritual taweez is custom prepared according to your energy level and spiritual aura. It’s not a boilerplate pre-amalyat taweez that would work for any one. Before proceeding with the taweez preparation, I do perform a one-time spiritual analysis of your situation to see if there are any threats with the potential to cause greater harms. This can be known by looking at various metaphysical elements associated with your name, aura, and energy level. After the analysis is done, I work on preparing the right mix of spiritual amalyat and rituals. The spiritual energy of these amalayat and rituals are drawn from powerful Quranic verses, Islamic prayers, and other invocations of prophetic traditions. 


Another reason why the spiritual effect of the pre-amliyat/ritual taweez is so powerful is the process itself. Because this talisman is meant to protect you from attacks coming from metaphysical entities, it needs to have the compressed energy of the elements I mentioned above. To ensure the spiritual power of the protection amliyat I perform is fully retained, I do follow a strict set of rules and conditions. These rules include but are not limited to observing fasting, following a strict dietary routine, and performing specific amliyat/rituals at specific hours in a specific place for many days in a row. Moreover, I avoid going out and meeting with people until the process of making this talisman is over. This is just to ensure that no spiritual rule of the sensitive kind is compromised and the taweez retains its full spiritual vitality. 


The pre-amliyat/ritual talisman comes in the form of drinkable water. So you don’t have to go through the pain of wearing it around your neck/arm and protecting its sanctity by meeting other conditions. Since the talisman doesn’t have a physical presence after it’s used, you don’t have to worry about going into certain places. But you are still advised to avoid drinking alcohol, eating pork meat, or having any sexual activity during the process of using this taweez. 


How to Use Taweez/Talisman

This drinkable talisman is a 14-days spiritual procedure. You will need to pour the drinkable talisman into a big jug of water and drink from that water every day — for 14 days in a row. Be sure to refill the jug as and when it gets halfway.


The turnaround time for the talisman is 7–14 days. If you want to place an order, I will need your full name and your mother’s full name for me to proceed with the preparation InshAllah. You may leave these details in the notes section of the order.


Please note that the post amalyat/ritual drinkable taweez is prepared with the energy level and spiritual needs of a specific person in mind. Care must be taken to ensure that the taweez water isn’t used by someone it’s not meant for. There may be spiritual consequences as not everyone’s aura and spiritual energy level are the same. 

Please understand, regardless of how amazing and Powerful these custom-made Taweez/Talismans are Alhamdulillah these custom-made Taweez/Talismans are a powerful means to assist you if Allah Subhana Wa’Tala wills. Lastly and most importantly, If Allah Subhana Wa’Tala does not will for something to happen, then nothing in this world or any other can make it happen.

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