Harmonize Your Relationship Or Friendship
Harmonize Your Relationship or Friendship
December 14, 2018
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Spiritually Enhance/Empowered Healing oil
February 3, 2019
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My Experience with Fully Unlocked Ayn Ali Amulet


Today I will speak about A item that I have been asked about it is one of my personal item what is not for sale DO NOT contact me to purchase,

It is fully unlocked very rare and unique Ayn Ali Amulet I will speak about My first experience with such a powerful item inshallah.

It is one of those items very few people in the world have
Alhamdulillah I am really fortunate that my teacher has given me such a very powerful and unique item.

Also did all the preparation for it I am really grateful to them it took them about 6 months to prepare countless hours of chanting fasting very strict diet for many hours a day and the materials and oils needed for it are extremely hard to find.

Then one must find Ayn Ali Amulet that can be fully unlocked wot can be impossible to find such a Ayn Ali the one that I have is 500+ years old that was given to my teacher then given to me Alhamdulillah.

Such item starts at $11,000 Depending on cost of ingredient It depend on ingredients Ingredients alone cost $5000+ and finding the proper Ayn Ali as not all Ayn Ali can be fully unlocked and unlocking it in its own is forgotten occult art that my teacher is a master at I would not have such item if it was not for them Alhamdulillah.

A fully unlock Ayn Ali has many benefits from finance to spirituality protection etc it’s basically for everything that can be used for good and bad.

You will not find a fully unlock Ayn Ali for sale online it is usually passed down from teacher to student and to keep it unlock certain readings that must be done everyday if they are missed the Ayn Ali will get locked again this is to make sure that if it End up in the wrong hands it cannot be miss use inshallah.

Now coming to my first experience with a fully Unlocked Ayn Ali Amulet.

I have many powerful items and entities
Alhamdulillah even ifrit jinns inshallah will speak about my experience with ifrit jinns inhabited items maybe in the future.

Coming back to the topic but I was amazed I thought I’d sit down and Meditate/Zikr with the Ayn Ali Amulet all I did was sit down putting the Amulet in my hand and close my eyes.

All sort of things started to happen in my body all I did was hold in my hand and close my eyes I thought to myself this is something really special.

I didn’t even put zero effort in anything all I did was close my eyes and eventually when I got over all what is happening I started meditating/zikr the intensity just went to the roof.

My body even shook and it takes a lot for something to do that to me the most amazing thing is I wasn’t putting any effort in at all.

If you are not spiritually sensitive this is one of those very unique items that you will definitely feel the power of such a item very few items are capable of doing this.

I have been told from my teacher this is not even 1% what it is able to do also over time it will get more and more powerful as I cannot fully test as I am still a student so I am limited can’t imagine what it can do once I am fully trained inshallah.

It is one of the items that will make you feel very nervous when you have it on it is like someone is watching you all the time as such item attracts really powerful entity due to the energy that it generates as it is also one of the benefits of it from the many other benefits.

Currently I’m just using it for protection and reversing magic and for increasing my spirituality and sensitivity to the unseen world inshallah when I am under attack when we are offering treatment to client inshallah.

But the ultimate protection is Allah subhanahu Tala this is just a Tool having such item will not magically make your life perfect but it will be a big help if God Wills
especially in the field that I am in inshallah.

But one must also do their part Allah does not change the conditions of people until they change that which is in themselves; (13:11)

Nothing Can Happen without the will of Allah

6:59:And in His Providence are the keys of the Unseen; none knows them except He. And He knows whatever is in the land and the sea. And in no way does a leaf fall down, except that He knows it, and not a grain in the darkness (es) of the earth, not a thing wet or dry, except that it is in an evident Book.

Allah knows best


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