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Ayn Ali Most Powerful Arabian Taweez/Talisman/Amulets Rings In The Islamic World
April 10, 2016
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July 21, 2016
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Islamic / Sufi Meditation Course To Increase Spirituality

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One month course is designed for beginners and advanced people That wish to increase their Spirituality/Ruhaniyat



In the noisy world, we live in today, spirituality has become a rare commodity. Some people think it’s reserved for the religious devouts only, ignoring the fact that spirituality underscores our very approach to life itself. One can argue that the element of spirituality in a person is scarce or abundant, but there is no human being without a human soul. Spirituality has its roots that go deeper the more spiritually empowered a person is, the higher are the chances he/she will succeed in life. 


I’m a spiritual healer but I can say that spirituality is a shared gift endowed upon humanity — no one has a monopoly over it. Even the staunch enemies of religion — the atheists — will have some elements of spirituality that allow them to do things like philanthropy and altruistic investment of time, money, and knowledge. By being spiritual means to be sensitive to the things that affect the human spirit (or soul). And because such a spirit is found in everyone and because it can be affected by inward and outward forces, we can say we are a spiritual being having a human experience on earth. 


I for one believe any iota of help I can extend to increase people’s spirituality counts as it’s a service to God and humanity. And since spirituality isn’t something that can be achieved without putting in the work, I have designed this course to help you both learn the right methods and practice them to help you push your spirituality to the next level. My approach is unique and you won’t find the techniques I teach elsewhere on or off the internet. These techniques have been the result of my 10 years long association with an amazing spiritual teacher who has dedicated over 35 years of his life to the cause of spirituality and spiritual practices. When you learn those techniques and commit to the process for a given period of time, you can be sure that you won’t be the same person again. You can be sure that your spirituality will surge and you’ll experience the amazing changes that will start to kick in as you advance through the process. 


I’ll not get into the details of why you need this course. In most scenarios, people have a clear goal they feel can only be achieved through spirituality. Some people are after finding their peace of mind and inner satisfaction. These are the type of people who lack nothing else in life but happiness: they have money, great family, friends, and all the material comforts but they can’t seem to enjoy them. Other people want spirituality for religious reasons. They want to get closer to the almighty God Who has created them and Who they will finally appear before to give an account of the actions they did in life. Still, other people want spirituality to maintain a sound balance between faith and the material world. These individuals don’t want to be swayed by the temptations and the madness our world possesses all the time. Finally, there are people who want to live a better family life and who want to overcome various spiritual ailments that seem to have been plaguing their lives for a long period of time. These people are usually the most vulnerable students who want to find shelters under the gentle shadow of spirituality. 


Whatever your goal is, I completely respect and honour that. It’s my aim to help you achieve what you want to achieve by putting yourself through the course. There are many approaches to gaining spirituality, but the most effective method by far is the method of meditation. Again, the process and methods used in mediation vary a lot. In my personal experience, I have tried a dozen of them and for a long period of time. While it’s true that each mediation technique has its merits and obvious advantages, one cannot ignore the fact that there are some meditation techniques that are extremely powerful, effective, and efficient. This efficacy of my mediation method is the main criteria I have used to compose this four-week course for my student of spirituality. It’s effective beyond what I’m able to ascribe to other meditation techniques. It’s rooted in the Islamic/Sufi rituals and amalyat that carry spiritual energy of a high magnitude. 


Whether you are a beginner or an advanced level student of spirituality, this course will be customized to your meditation goals. You can increase your spirituality/rohaniat.  As described above, it can also help you achieve your noble goal of getting closer to Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala) and His beloved Prophet Mohammed (عليه السلام).  Having said that, it’s true what Imam Mawlud {Matharat Al-Qulub} said: ‘Purification [of the heart] is a lifelong process, not something that is applied once and then forgotten. The purity of heart never survives a passive relationship. One must always guard his or her heart.’ , translated by sh. Hamza Yusuf.


The good news is that the course is going to prepare for a lifelong process of spirituality.  When you learn the right techniques and the necessary knowledge, you will be in a better position to follow them for the rest of your life. 


Please note that the course will be held online and there are no spiritual items to be shipped to students per se. 

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2 reviews for Islamic / Sufi Meditation Course To Increase Spirituality

  1. Ali

    alhamdulillah 29th of December I started this course
    it helped me increased my spirituality beyond my expectations alhamdulillah i making good progress it was a serious course and gave me good results, alhamdulillah I had very beautiful visions of beautiful places and Different spiritual people it was so overwhelming at times the Sheikh was able to explain everything to me the spiritual experiences that I had alhamdulillah I had Mary many questions on the experiences that I was experiencing he was able to answer all the question that I had

    the second course was a customised course I requested started it on the 13th of April helped me activate my qalb in zikr and it was a beautifull course with many beautiful experiences alhamdulillah I am very happy with my current spiritual status alhamdulillah my chest is now moving in rythm with my heart saying allahu samad and it has not stopped since I completed this course alhamdulillah this is what I want to achieve with this course and alhamdulillah I have with the help and guidance of the Sheikh may Allah bless them and increase their knowledge .

  2. Mr Nagniko Bengaly

    Assalam aleykum I was very delighted when I read your comment I’ve been looking for spiritual master for ages now but since then I couldn’t find one please help me if you can do so and I’ll be very pleased awaiting your response thanks


      Assalam aleykum can you check your email I have responded to you by email

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