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January 8, 2017
Ruhani ilm/Noori ilm of Powerful Qalbi Zikr
December 20, 2016

I will speak about this question that I get asked so many times in email people that want to do spiritual healing they want the entity to do spiritual work for them they do not want to learn knowledge about healing they think it is easier just having an entity and ordering it to do spiritual work I wish it was that simple but unfortunately it is not.


I’m going to ask the question to people Why do you think people spend 20 or 30 years or more trying to get Muwakil or Jinn but fail? they do one amliyat after another for years but they get nothing. Why? Not because they did the Amliyat wrong, it is because they were not qualified enough to have a jinn or a Muwakil, of course, they get credit from Allah for doing the Quranic reading Alhumdullila


My teacher knows many people who do Amliyat perfect no mistake but they get nothing because they are not qualified enough to get a muwakil or a jinn


When a person has a muwakil or Jinn, they have them for assistance not because they need them, they have them because the muwakil or jinn is like extra help, but for example, people that are emailing me if they had muwakil they would have muwakil because they need it, they are dependent on it they don’t know how to answer people without muwakil or jinn and also do not know how to perform healing without muwakil or jinn they are depending on them for that reason during amliyat no muwakil or jinn would not come to you (unless if Allah wills)  and for such reason, many people fail in there amliyat

people keep looking for new amliyat to do, they keep looking for new or secret formula but this is not needed, what is needed is Ruhaniyat and Knowledge


do you know if your Ruhaniayt is very high, and you yourself are very good at dealing with black magic, have much knowledge on the different type of black magic, how to deal with any type of black magic and spiritual problem  then you can do a simple 11-day amliyat and have 75% chance of getting Muwakil

There is magic called Lyeak/Leak very very powerful but only powerful in Bali Indonesia, in order to be a victim of it you must live in Bali, so no one can get this magic on them if they live in a country that is not Bali but my teacher still learned about this magic, but why? Because the more knowledge you have the more it shows the muwakil your dedication, it shows muwakil that you did many studies and you don’t need muwakil but just want it is a small helper

have you heard of kali masan? not many have, but my teacher still learns about this, my teacher learn about this magic not even normal or many people won’t be affected by it but he learned because it shows Muwakil Jinn you have knowledge.


My advice to people is that if they wish to get Muwakil Jinn must work on their Ruhaniayt/spirituality and increasing their knowledge about how to deal with different spiritual problems Ruhaniayt/spirituality it is the fuel for all spiritual work you can do one amliyat after another for years and do amliyat perfect every time but you will not have any success (unless if Allah wills)   in your spiritual healing work or Haziri Amliyat if you’re Ruhaniayt/spirituality if it is low.


If anyone is interested in increasing their Ruhaniayt/spirituality I recommend this online course  click here for more information you can also find information on other online courses that I offer here inshallah


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