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July 20, 2020
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Freeing Body From An Evil Spirit Through Azaim/Exorcism

Freeing Body From An Evil Spirit

Exorcism or Azaim is an Islamic healing method that concerns the removal of Jinn/Djinn, demons, or evil spirit possessions. It’s different from the Ruqya treatment method in that ruqya treatment is used to summon demons, jinns, or evil spirits by invocations and prophetic rituals and then to instruct them to stop carrying their ill deeds. To understand azaim we have to begin with some contextual knowledge of what jinn/djinns are, where they reside, and how they affect people through their strong demonic power. 

Understanding Jinn From the Islamic Context

Believing in the existence of jinn is part of the Islamic belief and it’s as rooted in the Muslim faith as the existence of angels and spirits. Derived from the Semitic root, the word jinn is used in Arabic as a collective noun and primarily means “to hide”. The name itself has a meaningful association with the character, in that jinns are believed to have a bodily existence but concealed from the eyes and physical senses of people. They live amongst humans in invisible forms and are only detectable through the application of spiritual power. According to the Quran and other prophetic traditions, jinns are made up of fire and air — marijin min nar —  and they own the capacity to exercise free-will and use occult power to make them highly destructive as well as useful. It’s true that not all jinns may be evil in nature but the ones who are can cause havoc, with some going as far as infecting the qalb — metaphorical heart — of a person and causing them to stray from what is noble and turn to what is evil and destructive.

What Leads to Jinn Possession

It’s believed that jinns or the like creatures usually inhabit places where they are mostly feared: dark, dingy, desolate places. How did these creatures end up from their own dwelling to the insides of a human body can be caused by many things. In particular, as referenced to Ibn Taymiyyah, a jinn can sometimes haunt a person to take revenge on the acts the person may have done to the jinn without even realizing it: e.g. throwing hot water or urinating on it or causing some serious harm to a related jinn unintentionally. Another cause is usually associated with a jinn falling in love with a human. Still, another reason could be the sheer evil nature of a jinn that simply wants to harm a person without a specific purpose. 

The Treatment for Jinn/Djinn Possession

Jinns are occult creatures and so the real healing process cannot stem from anything other than spiritual methods. The authentic Islamic healing method requires careful use of Quranic verses and is carried out in three essential stages: In the first stage, all sources of distraction are removed, including musical instruments, expensive jewelry, items of decorative nature, and any pictures in the room where treatment takes place. The spiritual healer elucidates that everything happens by the will of Allah (swt) and as such he doesn’t play a role any more that of a mediator. No sorcery or witchcraft is allowed in Islam and so the only healing/help is accepted to come from Allah (swt) only. 

In the second stage, the spiritual healer determines if the person — who is believed to have been possessed by a jinn or demon spirit —  actually has one, by trying to enter a dialogue with the possessing entity. In the last stage, once the possession by jinn is determined to be true, the spiritual healer begins the actual azaim/exorcism by invocating and reciting specific verses from the Quran such as Al-Baqara, Al-Fatiha, and Al-Jinn, depending on the type of jinn. Accompanied by the aforementioned methods, the spiritual healer performs specific rituals that aim at purifying/cleaning the possessed body and soul from sins. 

All in all, the entire process requires meticulous preparation and performance of various rituals. It’s very important that the person attempting to handle the difficult process of exorcism or azaim is both knowledgeable and experienced in the Islamic spiritual realm. Otherwise, things may go wrong and a high price may be paid by the individual suffering from jinn possession or his/her family.

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