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August 9, 2020
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August 21, 2020
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Curing Black Magic, Curse, And Witchcraft/Sihr


Allah (swt) has given mankind the ability to use spiritual powers to attain noble goals, but the world is full of satanic characters who use this very power to attain their own evil objectives. Sihir, black magic, and sorcery are some forms of the misuse of spiritual power. Magicians, sorcerers, and black magic wizards usually specialize in the dark side of this power and employ methods like charms, incantations, and conjurations to cause troubles of serious spiritual and physical nature. Among them include mental disability, accident (or even death), relationship rifts, failure in business and trade, psychological disturbances, and loss of memory to name a few. 

How is Black Magic Usually Performed?

In most cases, black magic spells are prepared with the help of jinn or some other supernatural entities. These entities are extremely efficient — they can travel fast, shift shapes, move heavy things within seconds, create psychic illusions, and possess the conscience of creatures in their target. These supernatural entities are the primary tools black magicians and sorcerers use to fulfill their evil goals. The literature of black magic is as old as the human history itself and it is full of documented proofs and methodical descriptions of how supernatural entities can be used in different kinds of black magic and spell methods, such as Voodoo, Poltergeists, Astrology, Tarot, Witchcraft, Clairvoyant, Horoscope, Palm, Spaewife, Zar Zar dance, and Soothsayer. The remedy to these occult problems in the Islam context is ruqya that entails specific invocations performed with unconditional faith in the mercy of Allah (swt). 

Sources and Symptoms of Black Magic Spells

The methods used by evil magicians and sorcerers to bring their spells into effects can be many. For example, they may apply their spell to certain kinds of foods or beverages and have the victim consume them; or use the photographs and biodata of the victim for purposes of invoking black magic curse and hexes; some black magicians may put their hexes on liquid and instruct to spill over a piece of land or certain objects. These are just a few commonly used ways but the list may go on, with different types of magicians using different types of methods to achieve different goals. Moreover, the symptomsfor the victim of black magic may also vary depending on the type of spell. These symptoms may include (but are not limited to) unusual occurrence of depressive thoughts, suicidal thoughts, sudden anger, hatred for people, severe neurosis, relationship weakening, lack of happiness, lack of appetite and weight loss, insomnia or oversleeping, seizure and other physiological problems, forgetfulness and loss of memory, and so on and so forth. 

In all circumstances of black magic, curses, and witchcraft/sihir, it’s recommended to consult a knowledgeable and experienced spiritual healer. The problems being severe in nature, you can only find an effective solution through spiritual methods that contain various elements of invocation, prayers, and recitation of specific Quranic verses that supply the necessary power to completely destroy the effect of dark magic. 

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