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Green Akik Business Ring


Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem (In the name of Allah, the beneficent, the merciful). Wala Hawla Wala Quwwata Illa Billah aliyil azeem (There is no power except that which is with Allah).

Akik Rings are beautiful, high quality gems gotten mostly in the middle east that have certain desirable attributes that make them suitable for numerous Islamic uses and purposes. The ability of these Akik rings to contain, embody and store spiritual energy is another reason why it is commonly used for many spiritual purposes. This Green Akik Business ring aims to serve several purposes all relating to improved sales and business growth of the bearer through Allah’s grace, prayers and certain other preparation rituals.

The Green Akik business ring is a great talisman designed to provide the required luck for hardworking individuals to run and manage their businesses in sha Allah. The ring is no ordinary ring and contains spiritual energy from several Islamic prayer and rituals that will help one boost the outcome of their business no matter the profession. In these current times where the economy keeps getting tighter, spiritual fortification through Akik rings is a good choice to make. These rings can help boost your business in a number of ways: –

  1. Increased patronage

In sha Allah, these Green Akik business rings alongside prayers will push in more patronage by putting an attractive aura over you and your business. This spiritual aura will serve as a magnet to all well-meaning and beneficial individuals that require services such as that you provide. Additionally, you will have better luck in winning proposals and bids, meeting clients and referrals from people you have already offered your services to.


  1. Business Protection

In Sha Alalh, these Akik business rings can push away all forms of ill luck and negativity from you and your business. If a bad customer approaches, by Allah’s mercy, he won’t be able to harm you or you might not even ever enter such transaction once it doesn’t pay you. This rings can build a protective aura for your business against evil people that are envious and from Nazar (the evil eye of the enviers). Atimes this protection can extend to an extent that some of your deals can quickly breakdown because it is better for you to not go through with them rather than to lose out on a bigger scale later on in the future. Our Powerful Akik business rings will also ensure that ill-fated incidents desist from your business place in sha Allah.


  1. Success

By the grace of Allah and with frequent prayers, the Akik business rings will help you undertake successful endeavours in all aspects of your business. There will be guidance from Allah as to what deals to take and those to shun, expansion and improved sales and better public perception of your business. Also, the day-to-day tasks will become easier and doors of opportunities will approach in sha Allah.


It is very import to note that these rings do not automatically guarantee that every step in your business is a breeze through and does not call for complacence on the part of the bearer. Green Akik business rings will become more effective as the amount of hard work done by the buyer increases. The success of the use of these rings is thus dependent on the mercy of Allah and the personality and how hardworking the buyer is.

These rings are available in two levels; level one and level two.

  1. Level 1 – These Green Akik business rings are made for everyone in business and has no restrictions. They have significant amount of power and will take 10 days to prepare after important information such as name, date of birth, business type, city and other details have been supplied.
  2. Level 2 – These Green Akik Business rings are available for everyone but are more powerful and more efficient than level 1 rings and also has a number of restrictions. The restrictions are not things that are far-fetched (such as not taking these rings to the bathroom) but failure to comply with them can see the rings damages. Also, for level 2 rings, some Arabic recitations will be accompanied with the ring that can be done when additional luck is needed. If one isn’t proficient in Arabic, Roohani online spiritual help will supply the buyer with certain beautiful and easily pronounced names of Allah for more luck in sha Allah.


Conclusion (Call to action)


Roohani online spiritual help offers powerful Green Akik business rings that will help you maximize your business potential, increase luck and success while offering protection from evil eye and other envious and ill-fated customers for your business in Sha Allah. This product is highly recommended for hardworking individuals that are passionate about business success and individuals that are in an opportune position in order to take full advantage of the opportunity and become successful in sha Allah. Simply enter the number of Roohani online spiritual help Green Akik business rings, add to your cart, continue shopping or proceed to the checkout. We’ll contact you to obtain specific information after your order.

May Allah’s protection, grace and blessings be with us always.




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