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August 3, 2016
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July 16, 2016

I will speak about this question in a quick blog post inshallah

You smell beautiful fragrance and smile because you’re sending Salam to our prophet, (PBUH) you are reciting the Quran and for that reason, there is peace in your heart and throughout your aura which makes you smile and smell the beautiful fragrance but if we start concentrating on ourselves and what we are doing or how we are reacting when during these time that feelings smile beautiful fragrance goes away, why? because our heart and mind need to be focused  on the reading we are doing not how our bodies or emotions are acting

It is understood by all Sufi orders that the strange and enchanting experiences are the scenery of the journey, not the goal. The goal is to reach his Divine Presence by the attraction of the Beloved Himself. The Holy Prophet Muhammad (s) is the Guide and Example. On His miraculous Night Journey, in which He was conducted by the Angel Gabriel (s) first from Makkah to Jerusalem and then up to the Seven Heavens and into the Divine Presence, he passed trough the whole universe. Allah Almighty informs us in the Holy Qur’an that the Prophet’s vision “neither swerved nor wavered” [53:2]. In other words, he looked and beheld but never let those sights distract him from ascending towards his most Exalted Destination. The Holy Prophet was able to behold those sights without being distracted because His Heart was only for His Lord. He was the Beloved of Allah. As for ourselves, we are vulnerable and weak-willed. Those experiences and attainments may accord with our ego’s desires, whereas annihilation is never an attractive proposition for the ego.

This must be your goal it Takes much effort and determination to achieve this as there are 70,000 veils between us and the Station of the Prophet (s).

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