Ruhani/Noori/Spiritual knowledge Regarding dzikir, Meditation/Muraqabah ,Wazifa and Amliyat
September 29, 2017
The difference between Noorani ilm And Tassawuf/Sufi ilm where did chakras/lataaifs ilm come from
January 15, 2018
The difference between Noorani ilm And Tassawuf/Sufi ilm where did chakras/lataaifs ilm come from
January 15, 2018
Ruhani/Noori/Spiritual knowledge Regarding dzikir, Meditation/Muraqabah ,Wazifa and Amliyat
September 29, 2017

Today inshallah I will speak about a topic that I receive emails on Conjuring Qareen / Hamzaad And doing Amliyat to capture Qareen / Hamzaad.

Hamzaad (Qareen ) is the demon permanently assigned to each person during his/her life whose job is to seduce human beings. Allah Almighty says: “His Companion will say: “Our Lord! I did not make him transgress, but he was (himself) far astray.” (Qaf: 27) i.e. the devil assigned to seduce him will say: “My lord! It was not me who seduced him at the beginning, but it was he himself who preferred blindness to guidance. So, I helped him achieve his goal through seduction.”

36. If anyone withdraws himself from the remembrance of ((Allah)) Most Gracious, We appoint for him an evil one, to be an intimate companion to him. Sura Az-Zukhruf (36)

In a hadith, the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) tells us that a demon is assigned to every human being: “There is no one among you but a comrade from among the jinn is assigned to him.” Sahaba e Karam (RA) present on that occasion asked: “Even you, O Messenger of Allah?” He said: “Even me, but Allah granted me victory over him and he became Muslim (or: and I am safe from him), so he only enjoins me to do that which is good.”

So Qareen / Hamzaad is a devil appointed as a companion. they are dangerous. However, some Amileens take the risk and do various things to communicate with him and gain benefits. Since Qareen / Hamzaad remains with an individual, he knows about all the history of the person. Amils after taking control over their own Qareen / Hamzaad, contact with the Qareen / Hamzaad of any person and gain information about their past. By this way, they inform their clients about their past and impress them with their knowledge but Qareen / Hamzaad don’t have information about the future so any information on future given by Amileen is not reliable.

This below messages is a warning to people who wish to conjure Qareen/Hamzaad 

So you want to have Qareen / Hamzaad which is 5x harder to conjure then a jinn and 5x weaker, and then you will follow all the conditions of having a Qareen / Hamzaad such as stay away from any type of sin meaning don’t go outside of the home, not talk to people because when you have a Qareen / Hamzaad your desire to bad can increase and as soon as you make any mistake the Qareen / Hamzaad attacks you do people know this, a Qareen / Hamzaad lies more than a jinn and a Qareen / Hamzaad can not do any big spiritual help for others, and when you conjure do Amliyat most of the time it tries to kill you or hurt you very badly or the one in your home, so if you are doing a Qareen / Hamzaad Amliyat you need to be alone in home. people read a couple of articles online and think they are expert all of the information online regarding Qareen / Hamzaad that is not religious-based from the hadith or Quran is false people want to very quickly conjure Qareen / Hamzaad but they don’t even know anything about Qareen / Hamzaad

Another misconception is when a person sees an individual that has passed away in a location or haunted place they think it is the Ruh/soul this is not correct this is the persons Qareen / Hamzaad that has passed away as everyone Qareen / Hamzaad looks exactly like you Qareen / Hamzaad have their own life span once a person passes away the Qareen / Hamzaad it free to do what it likes as in most cases they are very evil they will haunt places and location homes etc. as the Quran says when we die the Ruh/soul leaves this earth and is now in Allah full Control and until judgment day it will be in a place between our world and Heaven where the Ruh/soul waits for its trail by Allah, I don’t believe a Ruh/soul stays around this world when it passes away if anything that person Qareen / Hamzaad stays and people confused that person Qareen / Hamzaad as the person who died Ruh/soul.

To capture Qareen / Hamzaad is by those silly Amil/Conjurer who act like they have big jinn like when someone walks in they will tell them something about that person and person will be saying WOW but jinn can do same.

Anything a Qareen / Hamzaad can do Jinn can do that and 100x more

People who fail to capture or do friendship with jinn then try to do Qareen / Hamzaad Conjuring.

this is only 10% of things people don’t know but they want Qareen / Hamzaad.

the above information has been confirmed from my teacher that is an expert in this field alhamdulillah very powerful Amil/Conjurer Alhamdulillah some of the information is also directly from them in the article.

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