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January 8, 2017
Ruhani ilm/Noori ilm of Powerful Qalbi Zikr
December 20, 2016

AslamAlaykum this article is for my Student But everyone can read it Inshallah.

This article is from my teacher What has many years experience In this field alhamdulillah

Many people wonder why if one is doing a Quranic Amal for Haziri why could their life be in danger, people say If I am using the Quran how can anything Hurt me.
When we do Amaliyat there is a lot of energy coming from out the direction and the area we are doing the reading. Now jinns/Entities are also a type of energy attracted to energy so when they see much energy coming out of an area they go to see what it is
For example, if you are walking down the street and you see many many humans running towards a home will you not also see what is going on?
Now good humans and bad humans will run to see what is in that home, it is the same with jinn/Entities who will go to check what all of this energy is. When jinn/Entities see an area of heavy energy they will go to see what it is, and when they see that energy is affiliated with one wanting to be close to the unseen world, not just reading to Please Allah the jinn/Entities can cause a disturbance.  Now some jinns/Entities who are feeling very brave will see the energy is coming from a person doing the reading, a person wanting to know about the unseen world so these Jinns/Entities will try to make a game with this person. For example, they will suddenly come to them when they are sleeping, they will do little scary things to see how the person reacts and hopefully, hope that the person stops doing the reading
Now a person who has black magic may report that one time they were sleeping they felt big heavy energy sitting on top of them, now a person may be doing a Quranic Conjuring/Amaliyat/Haziri/Rituals and may report the same exact thing. One should not assume they will have experienced things no one else has,   Just like a human may use different methods to hurt someone it is the same with jinn/Entities. they might put a hand on your stomach, they might stand in front of you it does not mean anything. All that means is you experienced the same incident but the other may have experienced it for an actual spiritual problem while you may have experienced it due to your reading, either way, the jinn/Entities wants to cause a disturbance.
the jinns/Entities around you are aware you are wanting to see them so to stop you they will cause you disturbance and this is a simple fact
Point is you will at times experiences many things, things a person who has black magic or a jinn/Entities problem may have experienced, you may experience things that you have read about, because the jinn/Entities will know you read about this or that incident so they will recreate it so you think OH NO I have black magic OH no I have jinn/Entities problem so you can get confused and stop the reading.
This is all part of the world you decided to become a part just depends, it depends on Allah and how much dealing you have with jinns/Entities.

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