Powerful Talismans/Taweez Review

i’m writing this review so others will know that I definitely recommend Roohani Online Spiritual help. Believe me in the beginning I was skeptical but that’s only because I’ve tried everything else from spells to whatever with no results until I finally decided to work with him and within a few weeks to a month I definitely begin to see results real results so I recommend anyone that truly wants results he’s definitely the one to deal with. very professional and will stay in contact with you and help you through your situation. I give them five stars plus!!!

Thank you





Roohani ilaj/Spiritual Treatment for Anxiety Review

I’ve been suffering from something I couldn’t find what it was always depressed for no reason I went to doctor but it didn’t really help I found the brother by chance when I was trying to find solution to my issue and explained it to him my issue he did a Spiritual check up and informed me that I was suffering from anxiety he recommended me a talisman and spiritual water as soon as I wear talisman I feel the effect of it right away like i feel so light and no more anxiety I really appreciated it to brother for helping me to get healed

Jazakallah khayr brother.


Roohani ilaj/Spiritual Treatment Review

I went to so many spiritual healers all of them were telling me that I had spiritual problems for so many years I went too many healers to remove my spiritual problem then I came across this website I contact the brother the brother advised me to purchase check up so he can diagnose if I do have a spiritual problems I explained to the brother I was 100% sure that I had spiritual problem because of all the other healers that I went to they all confirm this anyhow I took the advice of the brother and purchased the check up but to my surprise alhamdulillah I had no spiritual problem I was told that I am suffering from medical problem the brother advised me to seek medical advice i explain to him that I have been to many doctors they just give me painkillers for the pain in my body they have done many scans and blood test but they couldn’t find what is causing the severe pain in my body after explaining my situation the brother offer me spiritual help for my medical condition

I started this Roohani ilaj/Spiritual Treatment Jul 22, 2017 Wallaahi just after 5 weeks I started this Roohani ilaj/Spiritual Treatment I’m off all pain killers the pain has nearly completely gone Alhamdulillah while I was taking my taste changed so bad,and the doctor have told me now to stop completely all pain killers Alhamdulillah may Allah Grant him the highest place in Jannah inshallah for all the people that he helps Ameen!

Jazakallah khayr brother.

Aisha Abdulrahmaan Yusuf

Islamic Theory and Practice Sufi Meditation course To increase Spirituality/Ruhaniyat Course Review

alhamdulillah 29th of December I started this course
it helped me increased my spirituality beyond my expectations alhamdulillah i making good progress it was a serious course and gave me good results, alhamdulillah I had very beautiful visions of beautiful places and Different spiritual people it was so overwhelming at times the Sheikh was able to explain everything to me the spiritual experiences that I had alhamdulillah I had Mary many questions on the experiences that I was experiencing he was able to answer all the question that I had

the second course was a customised course I requested started it on the 13th of April helped me activate my qalb in zikr and it was a beautifull course with many beautiful experiences alhamdulillah I am very happy with my current spiritual status alhamdulillah my chest is now moving in rythm with my heart saying allahu samad and it has not stopped since I completed this course alhamdulillah this is what I want to achieve with this course and alhamdulillah I have with the help and guidance of the Sheikh may Allah bless them and increase their knowledge .



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Assallaam Allaekum Sheikh,

Assallaam Allaekum Sheikh,
Thank you very much for your prayers and dua which help me feeling better and removing all of my evil eye inflicted on me. I have been a victim for so long in my life since childhood to my adulthood I never feel happy or success in anything everything was shutdown it has been for so many years I tried some of Mashaikh to help but it was only temporally and evil spirit came back all the time.
I found your contact and decided to contact you to help me in this burden Allhamdullillah your dua and prayers work perfect as you mentioned and for the first time now I feel a new person with confident and happy in my heart all evils are gone no pain in my body no nightmares and threat in dreams you manage to cast out and remove all evils inflicted on me.
ALLAH will increase Quobul, more knowledge, afyaah and umour AMIN please continue this work to help those who are inflicted with evils in this dunyah. ALLAH KAREEM.
Wassallaam Allaekum

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THIRD EYE/Khafi Opening Sufi Methods Course Level 2 Review

Assalamu alaikum brothers and sisters
I enrolled on THIRD EYE/Khafi Opening Sufi Methods Course Level 2 this course in July  2016 and finished in March 2017.I have activated my third eye I am now seeing entities in the corner of my eye now and then fleetingly in the form of black shadows Alhamdulillah.I have received loads of support and guidance throughout the level 1 and level 2 course from the shaykh and he has always answered my questions about third eye and spirituality.If your serious about opening/activating your third eye this course will be a big help  inshaAllah:-)


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Al Hamdulillah Absolutely amazing!

Absolutely amazing! I had a very serious problem which was destroying my health for some years. I travelled to see many of the top Shuyukh within the country and while they helped a great deal with other things none could solve part of the problem that was particularly difficult. This man by the grace of Allah has managed to do it and I felt almost immediate relief – Al Hamdulillah. May Allah bless him and increase his good works.


your brother in Islam


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1 Months THIRD EYE/Khafi Opening Sufi Methods Course amazing results

It is truly an amazing course. Yes, it is for beginners but you gotta learn to crawl before you can walk. If one is committed and focused enough you will experience things when time is right. You must be patient and not easily discouraged. Spirituality isn’t easy. The biggest variable is yourself; making changes to yourself to fit that realm not the other way around.
” Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”
-Jalaluddin Rumi



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daughter back home alhamdulillah

Assalamu aliakum brother

Great news….my daughter has finally started talking to me. She even came home to spend one night with us last night and we had fun. Alhamdulillah.

I am very grateful that finally this day came. thank you so much for doing the ritual and bring my daughter back home alhamdulillah I have been trying many taweez, hanging on tree ones, burning ones but  none of them have worked.  I pray to Allah everyday to bring her back and give her hidayat…my prayers were answered when I found your website
Jazakallah brother for helping me in this. Alhamdulillah there is good progress so far.

I will continue my wazeefa and will continue talking to my daughter everyday inshaallah.

Insha allah there will be more progress as times goes by.

Jazakallah khayr brother.
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Alhamdulillah great success

Assalmualykkum. …… Jazkallah khar for Allah  and u  Al hamdulila. …  Al hamdulila  me I am fine I not c the bad faces now I do duaa it’s all bad faces r burning and I am very happy that when  I duaa for my husband I see him in the sky and I c him in the makkha and i c he is coming this from 4 days i am seeing. ……. Jazkallah  khar  to Allah and u Jazkallah khar. …… Alhumdulillah. ……


nadeemulla khan

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