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  • Remote Spiritual/Roohaniyat Status/Level In-Depth Diagnostic

    Remote Spiritual Diagnosis: Know Your Spiritual Level and Status

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    Remote Spiritual aura, Spiritual status, third eye/Khafi, In-Depth Diagnostic

  • Ruhani/Spiritual Increasing Health Talisman/Taweez

    Ruhani/Spiritual Increasing Health Talisman/Taweez

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    The Ruhani/Spiritual health talisman is a wonderful talisman that serves the purpose of maintaining and improving general health

  • Ruhaniyat (Spiritual Power) Increasing Taweez/Talisman

    Ruhaniyat (Spiritual Power) Increasing Taweez/Talisman

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    Talisman / Amulets that contain verses from the Holy Quran, Islamic Duas and symbols, made to be worn to increase spirituality, ward off evil and fortification of one’s ability.

  • Amliyat Oil

    Ultimate Spiritual Ritual Protection oil

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    Ritual Protection Oils are essential when one is set to carry out any ritual tasks that may extend a particular period before results are produced. These oils will ensure that the ritual aura continues to flow even in cases where the rites and rituals are temporarily paused.

  • Ruhaniyat (Spiritual Power) Increasing Akik Ring

    Ruhaniyat (Spiritual Power) Increasing Akik Ring

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    This powerful Ruhaniyat Akiks ring is a powerful talisman that increases spiritual aura, protects and aid the acquisition of spiritual knowledge.

  • Ruhani/Noori Islamic Sufi Amliyat Conjuring/Haziri course for Djinn/jinn/khodam/Angel

    Conjuration of Jinn/Khodam/Spirits: Spiritual Guidance Course

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    This online course is for students and individual’s that wish to conjure an entity for themselves what are in the spiritual field also for individuals that are on their spiritual journey inshallah or anyone else that is interested in having a Djinn/jinn/khodam/Angel as a spiritual companion inshallah.

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