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July 30, 2019
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September 6, 2019
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Roohani Muslim Djinn / jinn / khodam / Angelic / مَلَكْ malāk Spiritual Companion

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Roohani Muslim Djinn / jinn / khodam / Angelic / مَلَكْ malāk Spiritual Companion

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 Muslim Djinn Connection Vessel


People have had a fascinations for Jinn’s for hundreds of years, when one gets involved in purchasing metaphysical items most of the time a Djinn inhabited item is right on the top of their list.

People often seek Jinn for all the wrong reason but they are not to blame, to blame is what society has made Jinn’s out to be as well as what some metaphysical sellers have made Jinn’s out to be which is a wish-granting, life-changing spiritual being, unfortunately, there is no truth to this.

Yes, Jinn can help humans in various ways If Allah wills but they do not grant wishes as the one in Aladdin did nor do they make you rich and famous because if they did I would be a very wealthy and famous individual. You have to ask yourself if jinns did all the things some Jinn sellers claim then why are they selling Jinn’s and not living a life of fame and fortune?  The simple answer is because the fabricated stories and listings created by some sellers are fake, a simple gimmick to con the ones in need by selling them dreams and lies. A perfect example of such a lie made up by some sellers is, “This entity has helped me so much, but now it is time for the Jinn to go to another person and help them fulfill their wants and needs”

I am sorry jinn can not be handed down like used cloth, nor do they fulfill all we ask for.

Jinns are a creation of Allah and they are NOT created to assist humans, nowhere in the Quran does it say this as some people have claimed. How jinns can assist humans depends on the Jinns ability, just like us humans who are good at some things while bad at others it is the same for Jinn’s, some Jinn provides great protection benefits while some provide a great increase in Roohaniyat benefits If Allah wills, it simply depends on the Jinn therefore if one wants a Jinns they must make sure the proper one is conjured for them.

The item we provide is not an item that has a Jinn attached to it but has the energy of a Jinn attached to it, during the ritual the jinn is not forced to do anything it does not want nor is it forced to live in a vessel, everything mutually is agreed on Alhamdulillah.

As stated earlier Jinn can assist one in various things but they all have some sort of specialty that is very well in therefore if one chooses to purchase a Jinn they must tell us what area they want the Jinn to assist them in and upon completion of the conjuring work we will also tell the owner all the other additional areas the Jinn can assist them in InshaAllah, if one chooses a Jinn for something we do not agree with such as revenge, forcing one to fall in love with you (etc) we will simply deny your request.

Due to the limited number of how many Jinns we can provide yearly which is 3-4 it is our final decision as to who gets such an item from us and who does not.

All of the entities we work with are Muslim entities, one does not have to be Muslim to get a Muslim jinn but they must respect their faith. These Muslim Jinn are very strict, if they notice that a person is putting more faith in them than Allah they will simply stop helping you out, one needs to understand that even if one asks the Jinn to do something for them it can only do it if Allah wills, do not assume that by having a Jinn anything you ask it to do it will do, nor should you assume you will get all you ask for. Jinns can assist us but only to a specific extent, we also need to do our part and not depend only on the Jinn.

The vessel the Jinn’s energy is connected to will be of our choice, it may be an old ring, or it maybe be an old stone that was brought forward during the ritual, some stones can be large and ugly while some can be beautiful gemstones


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1 review for Roohani Muslim Djinn / jinn / khodam / Angelic / مَلَكْ malāk Spiritual Companion

  1. Usman Ali

    Salam Alaikum Brothers and Sisters,

    I have been researching on and off for many years about Different entities specially Khodam Recently I have come across Roohani online spiritual help I would like to write a review about Khodam That I have received from Roohani online spiritual help And thank him for his great work Website after many months of emailing The Shaikh And asking many many questions From the research that I have done over the years.

    I was very satisfied with the answers that I received I could see from the response The Shaikh Gave He was very knowledgeable On this
    subject And he is very knowledgeable about Islam Because I have asked him many questions regarding Islam And Tasawwuf He was able to answer them very easy that shows me He is not like other conjurers that Our just lost in Conjuring And have forgotten the purpose of life that is worshipping Allah.

    Because my main concern was I wanted someone to conjure me and Khodam That was a fully practising and knowledgeable pious person What also had knowledge about the Islamic rulings Not just about conjuring entities.

    Most of the questions that I asked him were regarding Tasawwuf as I am a student of Tasawwuf and not any Dick, Dom Harry can answer Tasawwuf Questions without experiencing That proved me he had quite a lot of experience in spirituality Moving forward regarding Khodam What Shaikh Conjured for me.

    I’m really happy and very satisfied With the results and outcome
    during the whole procedure I was updated on a regular basis on what was happening and whenever I emailed the Shaikh I receive a response within a couple of hours Once I received my Khodam Within this second week I started to feel the presence of my Khodam Even when I did not have the Khodam Vessel On me At work as I do not take it to work

    I could feel the presence of the Khodam With me In the second week Once I finished my zikr/meditating I went to the kitchen to get a glass of water I heard the Khodam Say my name out loud I was quite surprised as it was only the second week and I was experiencing all this alhamdulillah Also when I have the Khodam Vessel on me I can feel a heartbeat vibrating feeling Coming from the Vessel And at times The Vessel Gets very heavy especially during zikr/meditating These are the experiences that I have had so far Within a very short timeframe.

    I am looking forward for the weeks to come of every day my bond with the Khodam Is getting stronger alhamdulillah But one must remember this is not the goal of life is just the means of experiencing Allah creation the goal of life should be loving Allah and his beloved It is understood by Tasawwuf that the strange and enchanting experiences are the scenery of the journey, not the goal. The goal is to reach his Divine Presence by the attraction of the Beloved Himself For one must not get lost in the unseen world what Allah has created the goal should be The beautiful thing is the more my bond gets stronger with the Khodam The more the Khodam Is helping me To get closer to Allah and his beloved I hope everyone benefited from this review.

    Usman Ali

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