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Short Very Powerful Dua Dispelling Worries of Settling Debts

Short Very Powerful Dua Dispelling Worries of Settling Debts.(pls share) Shaykh Hasan Al-Basri, was asked by a friend, ‘I am burdened with debt and would like you to teach me (ism’ Azim). ‘ So Shaykh Hasan Al-Basri said ‘if que is what you wish, get up and make wudhu and say’; (read the comments after the Dua from Shaykh Hasan Basri about the power of this dua);
Ya Allah, Ya Allah Antallah
The Allah, O Allah, You are Allah!

bullet Wallahi Antallah
Yes indeed, By Allah, You are Allah

la ilaha illa Ant
There is no god but You,

Allah Allah Allah
Allah! Allah! Allah!

Wallahi la ilaha illallah
by Allah, there is no god but Allah!

Iqdi ‘an-nid-Dayn
Settle my debt for me

ba’dad-Dayn warzuq-ni
and Provide for me after the debt is (settled)

The next day a bag of silver coins 100.00 was sitting in his private room Were he read the dua. with a note saying ‘Even if you has asked for more than this, We would have Granted your request, so why did you not ask for the Garden of Paradise’?

He Told so Shaykh Hasan Al-Basri and Showed him the money, So Shaykh Hasan Al-Basri said i had the Intention teaching your ism his-name, other to the que a good turn. for I Normally treat this ism-Name as the Personal Secret. The cruel governor (al-Hajjaj) must not get to hear it, for no one at all Then be able to escape from him.
Taken from Shaykh Abdal Qadiri Jilani – Gunyna al-Talib.

There is no specific number but from what is said; best done alone, in a private room Also at Fajr is Rizq, read; 3, 7, 11, 100 or 313 times.

Also add salawat at the beginning and end.

Short Very Powerful Dua Dispelling Worries of Settling Debts

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