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Ruhani/Noori/Spiritual knowledge Regarding dzikir, Meditation/Muraqabah ,Wazifa and Amliyat

dzikir : is continues recitation of some type of reading either Allahs name or Ayat of Quran, can be done for various reasons such as to please Allah, or even spirituality


Meditation: is just getting yourself in a calm state


Wazifa: is reading specific Ayat of the Quran, or Allahs name for a certain length of time for a Hajat (wish)


Amliyat: is similar to wazifa but is done with more restrictions and is done for higher spiritual purposes


above information is from my teacher when I was discussing the subject with them alhamdulillah they have many years of experience in the Spirituality/Ruhaniyat field
you can also find different courses that I offer that Specialise in Meditation/Muraqabah dzikir and higher spiritual purposes and Spirituality/Ruhaniyat and Spiritual power + Spiritual abilities inshallah for more information please click here
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