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Precious Advice to the Traveller of the Sufi Path

“Faqir, safety lies in fleeing from all
people except those whose state is
uplifting and whose words direct a
person to Allah because people are
ignorant of the Sunnah of their Prophet,
may Allah bless him and grant him peace, and ignorant of their ignorance.
We seek refuge with Allah!This ignorance is so great and immense
that whenever they see someone who
abuses his nafs, demeans it, humbles and
humiliates, who is not concerned with it,
and turns away from this world and its
people, they look down on him, belittle him, are repulsed by him, and despise
him, and declare themselves far from
him. They hate him because they do not
think that he is acting according to the
Sunnah. They think that he has
innovation.They do not know that the door of the
Sunnah of Sayyiduna Muhammad – may
Allah bless him and grant him peace – is
that which he is following, and that what
they have is actually the innovation. The
reason behind this state of theirs is that the sensory has overwhelmed them and
taken possession of their hearts and
limbs. It has left them deaf, dumb and
blind. They have no intellect. How
extraordinary! The realities have been
turned upside down so that the Sunnah becomes innovation and innovation
becomes the Sunnah!”Shaykh al-`Arabi ad-Dirqawi (may Allah
bless his soul)

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