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information on Islamic/Sufi Talisman/Taweez What Are false Ruhani Ilm Talisman/Taweez

Ruhani Ilm is Quran, many people have changed Ruhani Ilm and made it Quran Ayats with names of Jinn this is not Ruhani ilm because now you are changing Quran around and adding names of jinn

there is 2 kind of healers
1. who use Talisman/Taweez, easy Talisman/Taweez with odd words and symbols that they have no idea what it means.
2. Then there is healer who spend years and years just how to learn to make one Talisman/Taweez and that Talisman/Taweez is made with pure Quan Surah and or Ayat no odd names, no symbols no magical squares just Surah this is the method that my teacher uses alhamdulillah.
the second way is hard to learn and long so many many people don’t learn this, this method is real ruahni Ilm the original ruahni Ilm but ruahni ilm of today has been changed to Taweez/Talisman, odd names
When you see a Taweez/Talisman where there is names you don’t know what it means, where there is Ayats of quran written in wrong order, or mixed with other ayats it is wrong  if you see Talisman/Talisman which has one ayat in one area, then in other corner other ayat this is also not right at some times
it takes knowledge to know what is real and what is not ruahni ilm

i give you example there is Talisman/Taweez that is made from like steal and brass, if you look at them you they look very nice look like quran surah but if you look very carefully it has name of devil in it (Iblis) and then it mention name of our Nabi pbuhs  (Austugfirllah)  then it has number, so if normal person look at it he just see numbers and Maybe some of Allahs names (Asma Ul Husna) So they think okay but if you uncode this numbers they are name of Jinns  many of theses steal and brass talisman/taweez have odd names mixed with quran but it is so hard to see because of the way it is written. people have to be very careful with these Taweez/Talisman.

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