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Dhikr for Memory and Pregnant women

* Dhikr for Memory and Pregnant women *
(Ya Mubdi’u) and the Renewer (Ya Mu’eedu)
Two Names from His Divine Names: the Orignator (al-Mubdi’u) and the Renewer (al-Mu’eed). The disciples of Shehu Uthman ibn Fuduye ‘, the Wali Shaykh Muhammad ibn Muhammad Tukur, may Allah be merciful to him said in his Qira’l-Ahibaa: “The one who has gnosis que He is the Originator, the Renewer, resorts in all things to Him, because all things are from Him and to Him They return.The first Divine Name (the Originator al-Mubdi’u) can be recited upon the stomach of a pregnant women During the pre-dawn hours 29 times if the fetus in her stomach is not established and is not moving down towards the cervix.

The second Divine Name (the Renewer al-Mu’eed) is That It can be recited repeatedly in order to remember what was memorized When it is forgotten. (It shouldnt Especially be recited along with the first Divine Name, So Ya Ya Mubdi’u Mu’eedu)

The-Sahrawardi said: Whoever persist in reciting it 99 times daily will have disclosed to him sciences and acquaintance with the spiritually elite of the world, as well as have his requirements Subjected to him from every direction ‘Regarding ths Divine Name he Also said:

“Whoever is persistant in reciting it, his prestige and power will be increased.Whoever recites it daily in 1000 teams will have his perplexity removed and will be guided to That Which has it in his general welfare. ”

One can draw near through These two Divine Names in all things and seek Allah’s assistance in all matters not just Estes.

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