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Allah Remembers and Loves Those Who Remember Him

Allah Remembers and Loves Those Who Remember Him

O Muslims! You do dhikr once a week, but do it everyday, every moment! If you do it once, Allah will give you unlimited rewards, depending on what you read. Al-Qushayri (r), one of the greatest scholars who is famous in North Africa, whose books many people study, said, “When the Angel of Death is ordered to take the life of one who remembers Allah, he will take permission from that person before he takes his life;” and he will wait until that person tells him “yes” or “no.”

That is the meaning of the hadith of Prophet (s), “If Allah loves His servant and His Servant loves Him, He will take the veils away.” He took the veils from Imam Qushayri (r), and that is how he saw that reality and told people when Malak al-Mawt comes to take the soul of a dhaakir, he will ask him permission before he takes his soul.

If he says “yes”, he will take the soul, if he says “no”, the angel of Death will not take his soul. But no one will say “no”, because they are going to be with the ar-Rafeeq ul-`Alaa, kama qaal an-nabi, (s) when Jibril (a) and Azra`eel (a) came to him, saying, “Yaa Rasoolullah, Allah is sending us! You chose (the only one who can chose): if you want to stay, you will stay (in dunya).” Prophet (s) said, “No! I will go to ar-Rafeeq ul-`Alaa, to the Highest Company, to be in the Company of Allah’s Divine Presence!”

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